History ~ The Batch ~ Cadbury Heath


The Batch is the description of a group of cottages beside a small stream.

In Cadbury Heath the area that is now known as Tower Road South was

called The Batch. The Batch started at Mill Lane and finished at the

bottom of Cow Horn Hill.

The Batch consisted of a top and bottom section connected by ‘the drung’

which is an old English word for passageway.

The cottages were 2 up 2 down workers cottages,

most of the residents would have been low wage earners working either

in the mining industry or on the land.


There are many heart-warming stories of these people in local books

(Books to be found at Cadbury Heath Library).

The children that were native to the Batch were affectionately

known as ‘Batch Arabs’.


From the inception of the postal service until the 1960’s all letters

were addressed to The Batch.

In the 1960’s – Warmley Rural District Council placed a

Compulsory Purchase Order on the cottages and land to make way

for new development and The Batch was no longer.


This is why the new facility is called The Batch.






The Batch



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